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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Interesting comment...

I found this comment in the March 2005 archives of seanbonnerdotcom regarding woman bloggers (or the lack thereof). He wanted his readers to list blogs by women they had come across. In response, Walt Stone had this to say:

There's a collective blog for and about romance writing (not romance books) over at In the left column you'll see direct links to well over 130 blogs written by women. (There's maybe 150, but several of them are written by men.) Most of those on that bloglist have blogs focused on romance writing; many of them are published authors, and their blogs the active part of their promotional website. I doubt if many of those blogs are socio/political in nature, perhaps keeping them off the radar screen of many non romance readers. However, being published authors, many of their blog posts do have the advantage of being well written...

Are romance bloggers off the radar screen of non romance readers? I guess that may be the case, although I get the nagging feeling that Mr. Stone thinks most of the blogs listed at Romancingtheblog are fluff - but well-written fluff.

So how socio/political would I have to be to "stay on the radar screen?" Just wondering.

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