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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Update - Bad Boys Anthology

I had previously posted about Brava offering me a slot in their upcoming Bad Boys anthology. A formal request was put to my agent a couple of days ago, who provided more details. Theme: red roses. Other contributors: Janelle Dennison and Tina Donahue (I believe). Word count: 25,000. Deadline: June, 2006. Word count remaining on my 2nd novel, Denial: 40,000+. Deadline for Denial: June, 2006. My blood pressure: through the roof.

I'm still debating, but am playing around with a story idea. A little B & D going on there. Kinda sweaty and sultry...

I just don't know. Want to, but oh, the pressure. My agent's given me the weekend to decide. Oh, the pressure...

Further update: Monday, I told my agent I would take the assignment. Now, only thing left to do is actually write it. Oh my...

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