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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The O Tapes

The other day, I caught the Showtime airing of The O Tapes, a 90-minute documentary featuring frank, candid interviews with women from all races and sexual orientations about sex in all its varied forms. It was refreshing to see women so unembarrassed in relating their experiences, even going so far as to admit that their current sexual relationships were less than satisfactory (how many woman can go on camera and basically diss their lovers?). One of the interviewees cut to the chase in discussing the "lack" she found in a former lover, whom she described as the "prettiest" man she'd ever seen but who also was unfortunately the least endowed of all her lovers. "What can I do with that?" she cackled the question she put to him; you can just imagine the humiliation the guy must have felt.

A hilarious highpoint from the documentary was a segment where the interviewed women were asked to visually depict the stages of their orgasms. Exploding stars, volcanoes, oceanic waves with happy faces were just some of the proffered drawings.

One of the more interesting facts I learned from the documentary was that all vaginas aren't shaped the same, and there are actually magazines out there that show the various shapes and sizes of genitalia. A featured sexagenarian (and sexologist) recounted how for years she thought she was deformed until her first post-divorce lover showed her one of these magazines and only then did she feel "normal." Like her, I thought all vaginas were basically the same. It's good to know that even at my age, I can learn something new.

Another point I learned was that many women do not orgasm during intercourse, despite assumptions to the contrary. According to the website, recent studies show that 43% of American women experience some form of sexual dysfunction while 38% reported that they had never experienced an orgasm during sexual intercourse. Apparently, a lot of women capitulate and fake orgasms as a matter of course rather than confront their lovers and assert their needs. This is a shame as nothing will be gained or learned from faking. A while back, I wrote about female sexual dysfunctions for my now-defunct ezine Elan (as Lorne McDonald) and researched what women could do to confront the problem. It was interesting to see on the documentary how well women produce orgasmic sounds, some of them quite guttural, and you knew the faking had gone on for too long to reach that level of perfection.

As for the G-Spot, no one really seems to know where the elusive thing is.

Another tidbit I discovered was the surprising connection between Kellogg cornflakes and masturbation - or non-masturbation. It seems John Kellogg created breakfast flakes as a dietary deterent to "self-pleasuring." Question: has that ever worked for anybody? So when you sit down to your next bowl of cornflakes, try to note any decrease in libido. Also, a good sendup of Kellogg's wacky experiments, including the cornflakes origination, is depicted in the movie Road to Wellville (1994), which starred Sir Anthony Hopkins, Bridget Fonda and Matthew Broderick.

If you want to learn more about the documentary and the interviews behind it, check out their website. The producers are hoping to turn the 90 minutes into a half-hour series for Showtime. I hope they succeed; not only would the series be entertaining but very educational, as well.

Angies First Thrill

No Orgasm

The Big O

The G Spot

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