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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why I'll never shake a dude's hand again...

So according to this AP article, the latest hygiene study shows that one-third of men don't wash their hands compared to twelve percent of women. The study focused on 6,000 observed accounts in four major cities. Findings from this extrapolation is disturbing enough, especially when you consider that among the 6,000, there had to be at least a few food handlers. I always wondered why people thought it was OK to pee or take a crap and not even pretend to approach a sink. But now I've gotten a look inside the filthy minds of the "wash-free" set commenting over at Salon's Broadsheet, and let me tell you, it ain't pretty.

Here are just a few "explanations" why folk believe it's no big deal not to wash their hands:

"When I piss somewhere disgusting, like a train station bathroom, I just want to get out as quickly as possible. My dick *is* clean, thank you very much, and I don't touch anything else while I'm in there...And the reason people wash hands after food preparation is that they have likely touched *raw* meat, which can be dangerous, and you absolutely need to wash then. So yes, washing after cooking makes more sense than washing after pissing."

"But really, its a part of your body your willing to have a sex partner put their mouth in contact with; it can't be all that dirty."

"I don't see why men need to wash their hands after urinating, unless they make a mess, they only touch their penises (and sometimes don't even need to do that). "

"Perhaps nowhere in the world is there as much handshaking going on than on the exhibit floor of a huge convention. Early in that particular job, I began to notice that guys in business suits would leave their exhibition booth and make a dash for the toilets when the conventioneers left the halls to attend their educational sessions. During this time, these "gentlemen" in their fine suits would urinate and/or take a dump, then just fly out the door back to their booth."

" don't wash my hands after I use the bathroom because all they have touched is toilet paper. I also touch handles and faucets and sit on the toilet seat, and I haven't had any contagious illnesses in many years."

"People's genitals are actually pretty clean - cleaner than your hands. People are probably better off washing their hands before using the toilet."

"I admit it, I'm one of those people who doesn't wash their hands after using the bathroom. If I'm in a public restroom, I'll wash my hands if there are other people around, but I really don't feel it's necessary. "

And the comments go on infinitem with the same crappy message: "My pee is sterile," or when "I take a crap, all I'm touching is the toilet paper."

No wonder there are outbreaks of E coli every other damn month. These people need to be flogged (yes, I said it, I mean it).

People, I don't care how sterile your pee is or how meticulously you don't touch your shit, if you touch anything in a public (or private, for that matter) bathroom, your hands are contaminated. And here's a message for lover boy who believes that if someone's willing to take his dick in their mouths, then why should the rest of us complain: Word - I ain't your lover. I don't want any leavings of your dick or your ass on my hands.

Excuse my French/Latin/Korean, but shit, these folks are just freakin' nasty.

(Memo to self: Never shake hands with, make that ANYBODY... And never eat out again.)


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