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Friday, May 07, 2010

Inspiration for a character

Below is a vid of Yellow Dancer, a character from the popular 80's anime series, Robotech. They used to play the show early in the morning and I would watch it faithfully as I prepped for work. Anyway, Yellow Dancer was an undercover spy who posed as a woman rock singer, complete with her own band. The character obviously stayed with me through the years, because Yellow Dancer is the inspiration for my character Neil Williams from Raine's Blues

I find the subject of androgyny and the way, in this case, a very beautiful woman can re-transform into a very handsome man very intriguing. The question of the spatial differences of female and male features and bodies as well as the ambivalence of sexual identity only adds to the intrigue.

Whether readers will be intrigued or put off by my character remains to be seen, but it is a trope rarely used in romance works, so I hope I did it well.


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