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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Change in Direction

Sorry that I haven't been more active with my blog updates but real life tends to get in the way. Well, I'm peeking in to give an update to those who read my books. As of my last publication, I have decided to go in another direction with my writing. The main reason is that sales for my interracial books have dwindled considerably. I know I have fans, but there's been a lot of piracy and I just can't afford to go the same path any longer. Outside of Goodreads, I no longer receive feedback on my books, so I'm not sure if people are enjoying them or not. And with the sea of books out there, it is harder to get reviewed nowadays.

Anyway, I am going in a direction to reach a more mainstream audience and will be writing under a pseudonym going forward. I am also considering YA and NA books, again appealing to a wider audience.

I thank the fans of my IR books for your loyalty. But again, diminishing returns on sales and feedback force me to go in another direction.

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