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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

How to Sell 15,000 Books in Eight Minutes

Can't get a slot on Oprah to push your new book? How about booking time on the QVC shopping channel? That's what one author did with amazing results. When Jeanne Bice appeared on the shopping network to push her forthcoming memoir, Pull Yourself Up by Your Bra Straps: And Other Quacker Wisdom, she sold 15,000 in just one segment of the show. In two subsequent appearances, she peddled about 9,000 and 10,000 for a total of 34,534 ordered in less than half an hour of accumulated air time. Note, the book has yet to be published by Hyperion. It's slated for a September date.

Pretty damn good for a first-time writer. It helps, though, that Bice had already gained a prominent presence on the show for her whimsical sequin-studded and appliqued sweaters and tunics she manufactures through her $50-million-a-year company, Quacker Factory. She has an exclusive contract with QVC, which again couldn't have hurt in getting promotion time for her book.

Self described as a "big-mouthed, bawdy woman," Bice has no trouble marketing herself or her wares. And the folks at Hyperion are so confident in Bice's book now that they've ordered a print run nearly three times their initial plan of 30,000.

One catch though: since QVC is not registered with most best-seller databases, Bice's sales through the show won't go toward the numbers needed to get her on lists like the NY Times. Still, word of mouth might bolster her store sales.

So, point taken: to market your book, start a million-dollar company that exclusively sells through a television shopping program, establish a strong personality and promote your book on said program and you, too, may become a best-selling author.

Well, it couldn't hurt.

Read more about Ms. Bice at .

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