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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Just ruminating...

Procrastination is making me wait...again. I am the Lord (okay, make that Lady) of putting projects off until the last minute while riding down the river of De-Nial. And yet, when pressed, I do manage to get things done.

Still, the world is full of distractions and my addictions tend to complicate things. For one, I am addicted to television. I have not gone a season without at least one fav show: from Buffy, Angel, Soul Food to the recently belated Six Feet Under (wonderful finale). And let's not forget my beloved Carnivale which just recently dismantled its tents and moved on. Since most of these shows are over, you'd think that I could tear myself away from the TV. But thankfully (or maybe not), there's syndication. And, of course, Charmed has just signed on for another season. So, I'm basically chained to a set somewhere, but where there's the set, there's also my computer. I have a division of the brain that allows me to write and listen and occasionally look at my fav shows.

Another distraction is the Internet. I can sit at the computer and pretend to think about writing while surfing the blogs of other writers to see what they're up to or not. One of my fav hangouts is the Absolute Write forums, where I can interact with writers of all genres. There's also the MSN word games, not to mention all of those articles I can find about beating my addiction and overcoming my procrastination. So far, they haven't worked.

So I've picked up another distraction: blogging. I expect this to become a pasttime to which I may or may not stay faithful. Hopefully, it won't undercut my hosting duties at the Short Stories section of Bella Online, a comprehensive site for women. As a matter of fact, I have to write an article today or maybe lose my privileges as host. I've been somewhat remiss (no article in a couple of months).

After the article, I'll try to actually work on my novel-in-progress, which I very well have to finish as it is the second book under a two-book deal I recently signed. Got the money and everything, so am sooo obligated now. Again, this one is an interracial romance between a 40-something woman and the 20-something friend of her dead son (who happens to be haunting Mama and ain't none too pleased that she's doing some horizontal dancing with his ex-bud). There's angst for days, but also lots of steam. Hoping the editors at Brava will like this one as I'm already up to nearly a hundred pages.

Another project will be the revision of my first book (as soon as I receive the revision letter).

So, how am I'm supposed to fit in all of my tv viewing? I guess I'll manage somehow.

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