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Friday, September 16, 2005

Another instance of christian charity - Not!

Found this link at author Celia Stuart's blog - An open letter by Tim Wise to some rather unsympathetic christian diners he happened to overhear at the next table. One has to wonder who the true christians are in this case.

A quote from the letter:

"You blessed your chimichanga in the name of Jesus Christ, and then proceeded to spend the better part of your meal--and mine, since I was too near your table to avoid hearing every word--morally scolding the people of that devastated city, heaping scorn on them for not heeding the warnings to leave before disaster struck. Then you attacked them--all of them, without distinction it seemed--for the behavior of a relative handful: those who have looted items like guns, or big screen TVs.

I heard you ask, amid the din of your colleagues "Amens," why it was that instead of pitching in to help their fellow Americans, the people of New Orleans instead--again, all of them in your mind--chose to steal and shoot at relief helicopters."

With christians like these, who needs enemies...

See earlier post Oh Preach the Truth to get a further perspective on today's American christianity.

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