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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Out of the darkness of Katrina, a miraculous light

Rescuers in New Orleans had reason to smile as they heard a voice call out from the kitchen of a flood-deluged home. Expecting to find a body or bodies, they were taken by surprise when they encountered 76-year-old Gerald Martin, who had been stranded by the Katrina floods for 18 days. Hearing the rescuers, Martin called out, "Hey over here," and the crew found the elderly man sitting in a chair in his sludge-covered kitchen, half dressed to keep cool. Rescuers reported that despite Martin's dehydration and weakness from not eating, he was in relative good spirits.

Martin's family had evacuated before the hurricane, but Martin stayed behind to attend church, then came home and fell asleep. When he awoke, he found the flood waters rising in his home and only had time to grab some water and get to his attic. During his sequestration, Martin subsisted on the water, enduring 90+ temperatures that were tempered by a fallen tree. Without the shade of that tree, he might have died. Fortunately, Martin also had the medicine he needed for an unknown condition.

As rescuers loaded Martin in a chopper, he asked them if they could stop on the way at Taco Bell "to get something to eat."

Read full story at MSNBC.

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