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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Innovative book promotion

As any author knows, a book’s success depends heavily on how well it is promoted. With the growth of the Internet, book marketing has become easier by way of reaching potential readers and yet, ironically, the web’s availability has allowed the market to become glutted, making it that much harder for a writer to be heard above the fray.

Best-selling author M. J. Rose, a phenom in the art of book marketing, addresses this problem with an innovative idea called AuthorBuzz. Partnering with two successful online book websites, Shelf-Awareness and, AuthorBuzz allows authors to promote their books directly to hundreds of thousands of readers as well as thousands of booksellers and librarians. Instead of a generic ad, the author writes a much more personal note buzzing herself and her book. An author can write about her availability to do book tours, to speak to readers groups, about the inspiration for her book, the backstory for her characters. She (or he) can also buzz their websites, their book trailers, can invite readers to email with questions.

The reach to the masses is almost guaranteed with Shelf-Awareness and Shelf-Awareness is a well-established newsletter aimed at book retailers and librarians which covers new books coming out and offers numerous reviews as well as industry buzz. The newsletter editors specifically look for books that are “just under the radar.” is an online book club featuring eleven genres to 300,000 readers and 3,000 library systems reaching approximately 10,000 librarians. The club sends out email samples of new books, giving the readership a chance to decide in those first few chapters whether they are interested in purchasing the whole book. I signed up for the horror email newsletter some time ago.

AuthorBuzz provides six slots each week with a limit of 300 a year. Authors are encouraged to reserve their slots early. I have a feeling these slots will be going quickly.

M. J. will answer questions about AuthorBuzz per her email at

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