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Friday, October 28, 2005

So we didn't go to war to save the Iraqis?

Gee, go figure. Salon offers up the various reasons why Bush, Rove and Cheney, Inc. decided that 2,000 lives (and growing) had to be sacrificed, and according to Bush, why more will continue to be sacrificed (although Bush gives different reasons, of course, supposedly in the name of "fighting for democracy"):

Bush himself appears to have had an obsession with restoring family honor by avenging the slight to his father produced by Saddam's remaining in office after the Gulf War. Cheney was interested in the benefits of a war to the oil industry, and to the military-industrial complex in general. It seems likely that the Iraq war, which produced billions in no-bid contracts for the company he headed in the late 1990s, saved Halliburton from bankruptcy. The evangelicals wanted to missionize Iraqis. Karl Rove wanted to turn Bush into a war president to ensure his reelection. The neoconservatives viewed Saddam's Iraq as a short-term danger to Israel, and in the long term, they hoped that overthrowing the Iraqi Baath would transform the entire Middle East, rather as Kamal Ataturk, who abolished the offices of Ottoman emperor and Sunni caliph in the 1920s, had brought into being a relatively democratic Turkey that was allied with Israel. (This fantastic analogy was suggested by Princeton emeritus professor and leading neoconservative ideologue Bernard Lewis.) This transformation would be beneficial to the long-term security of both the United States and Israel.

I had always suspected the first (familial revenge) and everyone basically knew about the second (greedy self-interest). And the media had at times divulged the cabal's fanatical belief that the entire Middle East could be remapped to make it safer for democracy and Israel. I guess the only ones who are trying to "save" the Iraqis are the evangelical zealots.

So, basically Americans and Iraqis are dying because of personal vengeance and/or gain. And only a few are protesting. I guess when the number of dead soldiers reaches into the tens of thousands, citizens will finally scream a collective "Stop!"

But by then, tens of thousands Americans will be dead. Vietnam, anyone?

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