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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ready for my closeup...

So who would film your life story? I got Sofia, which is kinda cool since I really liked Virgin Suicides and loved Lost in Translation.

Sofia Coppola
Your film will be 55% romantic, 27% comedy, 33% complex plot, and a $ 24 million budget.
Relatively inexperienced (The Virgin Suicides, Lost In Translation) as a director, but already highly respected and connected -- her dad, Francis, directed all The Godfather movies, Apocolypse Now. Also, at last word she's dating Quentin Tarantino, so I'm sure he'll have some input into the substance of your film. Sofia's good at making the romantic drama that is your life. Who didn't have at least a lump in the throat at the end of Lost In Translation? She's already won one Academy Award for her writing, now she'll be the first woman to receive one for directing -- YOUR FILM!

Link: The Director Who Films Your Life Test written by bingomosquito.

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