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Friday, October 21, 2005

Been away a couple of days

I haven't been around due to my 9-to-5 duties as well as finishing up revisions on Again. It's been a headache reworking a couple of pivotal chapters, because the revisions meant I had to change every subsequent scene contingent on those chapters. But, in the end, the changes should make for more suspense so I ain't bitching...much. (smile)

On another note, recently I was watching a T-mobile commercial featuring incensed parents reading their inflated cellphone bills and then calling out to the culprits - their kids - by their full names. The diversity of the names adds to the humor, denoting that parents and kids are basically the same, no matter their different ethnicities. (No kid wants to hear their parents calling them out by their full name because that means their behind's really in trouble). There's an Irish kid, a rich kid, an Asian kid, and even a kid with a name that's a throwback to the hippie era: "Sunflower Honeysuckle Smith." While watching, I began wondering why they hadn't included a black kid to really add diversity.

Then I thought of the quandary the commercial producers must have encountered: How to designate an African-American kid by his or her full name without getting stereotypical. I've determined that you can't do it.

I thought over full name options that would sound "black" enough to a mainstream audience (note: a Sean Kelly Smith who happens to be African-American probably wouldn't do). So, let's see some of the options: Jamal Dante Jones; Leroy Roosevelt Johnson; and even my own throwback to the 70's: Kunte Kinte Robinson. See the dilemma don't you? And can you just hear the complaints. "Now why did they have to go there?"

So, in the end, it was best not to go there.

But I sure would've like to have seen a Shaniqua Shante Williams.

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