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Monday, October 17, 2005

A website worth visiting is a wonderful example of how the internet can be used as a solution without unnecessary bureaucratic red-tape. The site allows visitors to donate directly to teachers who lack funding for school supplies. For example, in Chicago, a high school social studies teacher in need of $10 globes for geography was able to receive the $1,134 needed for the purchase. In Flushing, NY a fifth-grade teacher was able to furnish beanbag chairs for the school library. The cost: $189.

The brainchild of former New York high school teacher, Charles Best, the concept has become so popular that even China has developed its own version called, which connects Chinese teachers with donors.

Overall, DonorsChoose has allocated nearly $4 million to more than 8,000 projects. Seventy percent of the requests are funded within a couple of months.

Although the project right now covers New York, Chicago, San Franciso, Los Angeles as well as several cities in North and South Carolina, the site hopes to expand as more funding comes in. Dedicated teachers, who once used to reach into their own pockets to equip their students, now have a much more viable way to supply their classrooms and make sure their students' education isn't impeded by something as miniscule as a simple lack of a few globes.

Thank you Mr. Best for your vision.


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