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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This is just too pathetic

A man and his doll. Make that a man and his $6,500 doll. Make that a man and his $6,500 doll made to look like a "real" woman. A "real woman" who, by the way, doesn't talk back as she "spreads 'em." (Yes, the dolls have orifices - three. Uhm, shouldn't there be four, or for the more adventurous, five?).

As for their sex life, our thoughtful guy here (call him Davecat) practices safe sex by using condoms. Uhm, why?

Here's how Davecat keeps their relationship fresh:

Because Real Dolls' silicone flesh holds heat well and becomes more pliable when body-temperature warm, Davecat toasts Sidore with an electric mattress pad all day. Aside from getting up for occasional photo shoots, she mostly stays in bed, lying on her side to keep her butt from getting flat and so she's spoonable. She also frequently wears an athletic bra to keep her 34D breasts from sagging.

Another doll lover, Mike Kelly, became interested in Real Dolls as pitched on the web site: "They said they were one step above fucking corpses..." (again...uhm!)

Oh, by the by, don't call these guys who prefer relationships (of all kinds) with lifelike dolls freaks or oddballs. They prefer to be called iDollators.

Translation: freaks, oddballs.

Per Salon.

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