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Friday, October 14, 2005

Beyonce "too black"?

Fresh Intelligence reports on the ugly rumor that black-blonde goddess, Beyonce, was simply not white enough for the cover of Vanity Fair's November issue. So supposedly they did some airbrushing to get her that more acceptable color of "pale." Considering that Vanity Fair has not featured an Af-Am woman on its cover since 1993 (Tina Turner), it would be more than insulting to whiten up a medium-complected black woman. Rumor has it that because the art department whitened Ms. Knowles pictures, they also had to do the same for her rapper-paramour Jay-Z, as the contrast between their colorings became too obvious. One supposedly inside source stated: "All the photos of Beyoncé had been made so white that Jay-Z literally looked like [Sudanese supermodel] Alek Wek standing next to her, so then he had to be lightened up, too." (Dayum, that's some major whitewashing!)

Editor Grayson Carter pooh-pooh's the notion that the whitening was deliberate. He insists that any noticeable change in Ms. Knowles' complexion was "a result of lighting and makeup." Take a look at the various covers graced by Ms. Knowles and you be the judge.

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