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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Eloquence worthy of a Supreme Court judge?

Given the example below of a May, 1996, letter written by Harriet Miers to George and Laura Bush requesting their attendance at an honorary dinner, one has to wonder how an opinion written by the Supreme Court hopeful would read. Check it out:

"I am respectful of both of your great many time commitments and I realize you receive many, many requests. Of course, I would be very pleased if either of you is able to participate. However, I will be pleased with your judgment about whether participating in this event fits your schedule whatever your decision. . . . I feel honored even to be able to extend this invitation to such extraordinary people."

All I have to say is - Huh? Obsequious much?

Let's reword this request, shall we?

I know that both of you have very busy schedules and receive many requests for your time. Therefore, I would be very honored if either of you could attend this event. If not, I will understand.

See, you really don't need that last line about "extraordinary people." I mean, c'mon now.

Per MSNBC - Will laughter be death knell for Miers?.

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