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Monday, October 17, 2005

Say it ain't so, Joe...

...or in this case, Rocky Balboa. Please say you're not coming out of retirement! But, alas, rumors are confirmed that the great Bambino from Philadelphia is headed to the ring once more. In this sixth incarnation, the retired boxer only plans to take on a few low-profile fighters more for exhibition than anything else. But, lo and behold, the heavyweight champion, this time going by the appellation Mason “The Line” Dixon, wants a jab at the old (I'm sorry, age-challenged) boxer.

Excuse my lack of pugilistic knowledge, but question: "Does it make sense for someone already a heavyweight champion to want to challenge an old geezer (I mean, an age-challenged person)?

Mr. Stallone's reason for heading back to the ring: “’Rocky Balboa’ is about everybody who feels they want to participate in the race of life, rather than be a bystander...You’re never too old to climb a mountain, if that’s your desire.” (Translation: "I'm tired of being a has-been!")

Filming on Rocky Balboa is slated for December. There's no mention of a release date.

My personal opinion: They better be using a stunt double 'cause I have a feeling that although Rocky may be in shape, Stallone probably has passed his stride.

Anyway, now for my question to Hollywood: Can we now have Jaws 23, please? After all, a shark is never too old to chomp down on some succulent teeny-bopper.

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