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Friday, February 03, 2006

The real cost of Frey's lies

Yes, I've heard about the two Seattle readers who are bringing a lawsuit against Frey and Random House for the "lost time" they invested in Frey's fictional "memoir." I found it amusing, thinking how the case would probably be summarily dismissed because of the plaintiffs' inability to quantify their recreational time in dollars substantial enough to warrant court time (unless it's a small claims court).

But my amusement at hearing of this case was severely tempered when I read of another reader who took Frey at his word when he wrote that he fought off his addiction and alcoholism by sheer willpower alone. The gullible reader dropped out of AA with the belief that he, too, could fight his demons by himself. After all, Frey had proven that someone could withstand the pains and nightmares of true addiction and come out of it stronger and better. The reader took his pivotal and dangerous step before Frey was revealed to be a fraud.

The poor dude lasted about three months before he relapsed. He was dead two months later.

As Niki Shisler points out in her article in the Guardian, "Addicts and alcoholics are desperate vulnerable people; if you're going to offer them a way out, you'd better be certain it works. But how can you be, if you haven't walked the path?"

Unfortunately for one reader, he tried to walk a path never taken. And paid a high cost for it. For that, Frey should indeed be sued.

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