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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sad news

Just read at Monica's that Octavia Butler died yesterday. Monica found the news at Steven Barnes's blog, but there's been no verification. Here is what Mr. Barnes posted:

I just got this note
Yesterday Octavia Butler fell outside her house during what neighbors thought was a stroke. A neighbor kid found her outside her house. They rushed her to the hospital, and found blood had pooled in her brain, they operated but she passed away today.

For a time, Octavia and I lived within walking distance, and she would come to the house for dinner. A lady of incredible intelligence and rather dark humor, she was also what I called "a REAL writer." She put so much more of herself into her work than I ever have, or would be capable of. She was sweet, and kind, and generous, and brilliant. And now she is gone. Travel well, my friend. Rest deeply. I'll see you soon.

Oh God, my heart just breaks. Octavia Butler was one of my favorite authors and I had the chance to hear her speak in person a couple of times, the last being in October when she was one of the authors participating at the Gwendolyn Brooks Writers Seminar here in Chicago. She was just so eloquent and so knowledgeable that it was a joy to hear her speak. She is incomparable in her works and her imagination.

She was just 58. She will sorely be missed by those of us who loved her work.

RIP Ms. Butler.

UPDATE: The blogosphere and online news sources have confirmed Ms. Butler's death to my extreme sorrow. Here is a recent podcast I found surfing the various blog memorials for the beloved writer. The podcast features Ms. Butler with Ed Segundo. Here is an article featured at

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