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Saturday, November 18, 2006

bell hooks - a personal hero

I first heard of bell hooks maybe fifteen years or so ago, but it took another few years before I actually picked up one of her books and that book became an epiphany for me. The book was Ain't I A Woman: Black Women and Feminism in which ms hooks eloquently discoursed on the trichotemy of race, gender and class from a black woman's perspective. I had rarely encountered a work that spoke to me, about me, for me. That's because in other analytical works and media, black women - and to some extent women, in general - remain largely invisible. Our hopes, dreams, lives are at best presented tangentially, as though the stories of our lives, triumphs and pains are subplots in another's patriarchal drama.

As, a dedication site notes, "bell hooks is one of America's most indispensable and independent thinkers and one of the foremost Black intellectuals in America today. hooks has described herself as a "Black woman intellectual, revolutionary activist." Soft-spoken, she expounds on incendiary issues without rancor or anger, but seeks to enlighten everyone how all of us suffer from the fallout of sexism and racism. She has taught at Yale and Oberlin as well as at inner city schools. She talks a little about her teaching experiences in the context of cultural criticism in this YouTube clip I found at another blog, Kuwaiti Femme.

She is definitely someone worth checking out.


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