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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No, Jennifer, the song is still yours

Jennifer Holliday is worried that folks will forget her with all the hype surrounding the theatrical release of Dreamgirls, the movie based on the play that made the first JH famous. Kudos to Jennifer Hudson because I hear she is tearing up her recast role with visions of Oscar in everyone's head. But no one, absolutely no one, can come even close to the depth and breadth that JH1 breathed into that pivotal and now legendary song, "And I Am Telling You..."

Think I'm lying. Just check out this video of JH1's performance at the 1982 Tony Awards. Of course, I had heard the song before, but I never got a chance to see the play and the context in which the character Effie explodes on stage. And I tell you, looking at this vid, I am just blown away. Not dissing the movie or JH2 because I haven't seen the movie, but I truly believe no one is ever going to come even a smidgen close to Jennifer Holliday's performance.

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