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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Want to publish? Podcast.

The New York Times spotlights writer Scott Sigler, who frustrated by years of rejection from publishers of his sci-fi novels, decided to take his unpubs to the masses via his podcasts. And just like so many self-published authors have discovered, direct marketing works. Sigler began offering episodes of his first book, Earth Core, in 2005 and soon had a listening audience of 5,000. Last January, when he released his second novel, Ancestor, that audience had grown to 30,000. Those numbers caught the attention of at least one publisher. Dragon Moon Press, a Canadian company, optioned the first publication of Earth Core in 2005 and is scheduled to release Ancestor on April 1.

Sigler is just one of a growing number of authors who are turning to the iPod to find their audience. As iTunes offers hundreds of podcasts for download as well as novels, the avenue makes sense to authors who refuse to be put off by mercurial New York publishers who want a sure thing before they take on an untested author. A grass-roots buying audience tends to negate publisher apprehension, as is the case with Sigler, who now has a New York agent and has signed with a major publisher for his latest, Infection.

Podcasts are an attractive option for author wannabes because they can mix media, livening up reads with sound effects and music. Also, there is the expediency of instant download which overrides the often stagnating schedule of publishing backlogs. Author Mark Jeffrey, who offered podcasts of his novel, The Pocket and the Pendant, and has received three Hollywood screen options, says, "Even if a publisher said yes tomorrow, it would be a full year before the book was in the marketplace. Coming from the Internet, that was just insane to me.''

Those interested in taking the podcast road have an avenue in, created by Evo Terra, author of Podcasting for Dummies. The site currently offers 100 titles, mostly scifi and fantasy, but is open to all genres; the only prohibition is anything promoting hate speech. Sigler houses his podcasts here.

So, for those of you who have been sitting on manuscripts waiting for New York to take notice, you can make sure they do by building your own audience. Just get that microphone and mixer (some going as low as $50) and head over to Podiobooks.


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