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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Females rule! - at least on the Internet, we do..., which tracks internet trends and conducts market research, confirms that more females than males are now surfing the Web. Based on their findings, eMarketer estimates that 97.2 million females (from ages 3 (yeah, 3!) and up) will be using the Internet; that's 51.9% of the online population.

Below is an estimated breakdown of use by year by gender:

However, when controlled for only the adult population, research shows that males still predominate. Which translates into a lot of young girls (teens and tweens) who are internet saavy and who may have traded cellphone time for more surf time.

What does all this mean? Well you can bet that corporations online are going to take notice and start gearing their products for a more female market, similar to what car dealerships (as forcasted in a 2000 article at Wired Women) and electronic brick-and-mortar stores are doing (although some companies still need a clue).

Note to marketers: this doesn't mean pushing more pink cadillacs and fuscia cellphones at us. Let's keep it real, OK?

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