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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another stupid ad

Got this one from Now Public. Although I don't particularly believe the ad is poking fun at rape, per se, as some posters suggest (although one wonders at the "stolen virginity" language), the ad definitely crosses the boundaries of decency and common sense. Tell me what is so funny about an obviously distraught young girl who's gone through some emotional trauma during or after her "deflowering?"

At the least, the ad laughs along with every dickhead who has gotten him some through hook or crook, either fraudently or worse, and you have to wonder why there seems to be only testoterone in the advertising board rooms. Were there no naysayers to protest this bad idea? And for what? Messenger bags?

When asked about the ad, a rep from Timbuk2 said they considered "softening the copy to something like... 'just like that guy who never called...'" However, the representative continued, "The powers that be didn't think it packed the same punch...or was as funny."

Uhm, can someone point out the humor because I definitely don't see it.


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