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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sad Update - Nailah Franklin

A body found today in a Calumet City, IL forest preserve has tentatively been identified by family members as that of 28-year-old Nailah Franklin, the young pharmaceutical rep missing since last week. Police have yet to confirm the identification. Right now investigators are questioning an ex-boyfriend who made several threatening phone calls to Nailah before her disappearance. More info about the latest update can be found at The True Crime Blog.

In this past week, it was heartening to see Nailah's story receive national attention and to know that she wouldn't become one of the nameless thousands who remain missing each year. Although the story ends tragically, it at least ends and she can be put to rest and her family can find some closure. But full closure will elude everyone until her killer(s) is brought to justice.

This story hits a little close not only because she was from Chicago, but because in Googling her name, I found an entertainment site for singer Chris Brown where Nailah had posted. In the comment, you see her sense of humor in her bantering:

Nailah Franklin says
I cdan’t[sic] stand to see C.Brown and Ciara together because C.Brown is my man not Ciara’s So Ciara don’t think that just because u broke up wit
Bow Wow don’t mean u gotta take other people’s man got .?good!!!!!!!!!!!!LoL!

This post was made in May, just over four months ago. Four months ago, Nailah was one of us surfing the net, joking, and very much alive. In other words, she could have been any one of us. Conversely, any one of us might have wound up in similar tragic circumstances. This is just a sobering reminder how tenuous life is, how in the beat of a heart, someone can be snatched away.

Ladies (and gentlemen), please be careful out there.


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