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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yes, the mother's to blame!

An article at MSN asks whether a mother is to blame for her three-year-old daughter's obsession with her looks to the point that the girl screams when she's not allowed to wear makeup and is appeased by looking through a Victoria Secrets catalog. Victoria Secrets? WTF? (I am firmly against toddlers leafing through lingerie catalogs featuring half naked women - who also happen to be size zeros - and comparing attributes.)

Poor Jordyn has just started her life and has somehow picked up the media baggage that is painfully hefted by grown women. Jordyn's mother, Margie, laments: "She comes and tells me, 'I don't look beautiful. I want lipstick,'" When Margie tells her toddler that she can't wear lipstick, Jordyn screams, cries and tells her mother "I hate you" and "I don't love you."

How does a three-year-old surmise that she's "not beautiful" when her features are only just forming and growing? I say it's the mother's fault because the mother has control of where she keeps her Victoria Secret catalog, and it's the mother who controls the remote control - or should anyway. This baptism into the beauty culture is something that is happening earlier and earlier and yes, the media is to blame, but to an extent. It is the parent's duty to shelter their child's psyche during the more impressionable years. Yes, there will be some exposure (although one wonders what is watched on TV in preschool), but mothers need to talk to their children as early as two or three - sadly - and affirm their individual, original features and to let them know that being good, kind and happy trumps beauty all the time.

It's bad enough when we get anorexic twelve-year-olds and we have five-year-olds who want to dress skanky; but when three-year-olds are complaining that "I'm ugly," then we know that we are definitely de-evolving as a society - at least where females are concerned.


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