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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Aussies for Obama

Aussie Rebecca Wilson at Sydney Airport on her way to the US to join Obama's campaign.

In anticipation of tonight's debate, I've been perusing the latest news on Obama and McCain and came across this article. This is a new one on me. I tend to forget how invested the rest of the world is in what goes on here in America. We are definitely a global village with a global economy and culture. At various political - and even non-political blogs - I've seen commenters from other countries practically begging Americans to please vote for Obama. Well, the Aussies have taken their hopes a step further by creating a website, Australians for Obama as well as donating their monies and, in the case of Rebecca Wilson (pictured above), actual time and labor. Wilson flew to Ohio to volunteer at one of the Democratic campaign offices.

This is not just an American venture. The whole world is watching to see what we're going to do in three weeks. Hopefully, we Americans won't have to put up a website like we did four years ago apologizing to the rest of the world.

And hopefully, in three weeks, I won't have to contact the Canadian consulate asking for emigration information.


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