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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Bryce Art

Years ago, I discovered 3D art via Bryce and Poser and had every intention of becoming adept in both. However, laziness and RL got in the way, so I never really did learn the intricacies of either program, to my deep regret. Still, I found some of my pics online and featured them at Myspace. I think some of them are decent, but they do not compare to a lot of art that's out there. I encourage anyone interested in exploring 3D art to start with Bryce and Poser, which is user-friendly and allows your abilities to grow with familiarity. Below are a few pics I did several years ago:

And for those who are more adept, there's Adobe Photoshop, where photo manipulation can result in some interesting art. Below is are pieces I created in Adobe Photoshop Limited Edition (with a lot of plugins) entitled Luminescence and Astral2, respectively:


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