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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Taking a page from Disco Demolition Night

Many believe disco officially died that July night in 1979 when rock and roll fanatics, at the behest of Chicago rock jock Steve Dahl, brought in tons of disco tapes and records to be destroyed. Well, for those of us up in arms against the signatories of that offensive pro-Polanski petition, I fantasize renting out Soldiers Field and having a similar demolition night where similarly disgusted former fans from near and far can bring their Scorsese DVDs, their Whoopi tapes, their Debra Winger...(ok, who really owns anything recent from Debra Winger?)...and destroy all of these works. And yes, I mean Kundun as well. You see, I'm one of those "provincial" unsophisticated souls who believes morality trumps art and that 44-year-old men (or humans of any age, for that matter) should not be plying children, teens, or grandmas with narcotics and RAPING them. There is no moral ambiguity in this case.

I was truly surprised when Hollywood voted Polanski's The Pianist picture of the year in 2003 and could not understand how this travesty could happen, how Hollywood's memory could be so short. But it seems their memories weren't short; it's just that their sense of right and wrong is stunted. These last few days have shown me my naivete as more than a few stars and luminaries have lost their luster forever. To me, they are soulless in their support of a rapist.

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