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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Craigslist tomfoolery

Foolishness coming from both ends of the color spectrum. Conflation, racial assumptions, and just plain idiocy. But what can you expect from Craigslist...although they do have nice things for sale.

I suspect this is a black man writing, although I may be wrong:

To SOME Of the white women who date interracially (Chicago-But it's true everywhere)

Before some of you borderline literate types read this, please note that I'm not saying ALL, I am referring to some.

My experiences in the dating world has made it clear that white men have been blowing smoke up your asses and telling you what you want to hear for far, far too long. It's also apparent that you're accustomed to people not calling you out on your bullshit and not demanding respect and equality.

Why do I say this? Because so many women I have met react so harshly when they screw up and then get called out on it-they blame me. Look, I know society kisses your ass and people think you're the only legitimate example of beauty that exists, but that doesn't entitle you to dishonesty, hypocrisy, or disrespect.

Like you, I come with my own set of opinions and areas of expertise. I am an avid reader and an obsessive learner. I'm proud of being educated, so I therefore will not under any circumstances be told what to think or that I have to agree with you. Furthermore, I steadfastly refuse to censor my honesty or turn off my straight shooting, fact-based method of rhetorical communication because you're so offended by logic.

Also, don't think that your white privelege allows you to be lazy in a relationship. It means that in bed if you just lay there and don't try to please your partner, your partner actually does have a right to call you out, or leave your trifling ass for a better woman. Perhaps that's called reverse Kanye-ism.

Not all men will clown, shuck and jive, and bow down to you. I don't need nor do I worship you-I will respect you as my equal and do no more or less.


And I believe this is a non-black man writing:


Let me start with something that happened last week, I placed a post in hopes of meeting an african american lady since i prefer to date black women. I recieved atleast 12 genuine responses and after reading them all i selected one person who came close to my requirements basen on tall height, education and the fact that i prefer to date someone who is more bohemian. We exchanged pics and we exchanged lots of information about each other, well on the 3 or the 4 day as i am trying to get to know her, she is asked me how do i spoil my woman, and I responded and then the next message from her included the word TANGIBLE and being a businessman I sensed something wrong and I asked her to be direct and open about what she meant, she didnt respond very clearly to which i took the liberty to ask if she means Money and then she opened up and told me that she wants someone who would support her financially and lots more, this shocked me and I asked her if she is looking for a sugar daddy and she got upset and told me she is college graduated Class-A woman. I in return told her that I am looking for a relationship lady and you very clearly are looking for a Financier (a more fancy word for sugar daddy since she didnt like that word) of your life style and in return you would provide me company and sex lol. I find it dirty and ugly. People I am lost, help me out here.

Now here is a question I ask and Please dont call me a HATTER as I am the most color blind person you would ever meat. When looking at the socio-economic situation in black community the kids are being raised by single women, the kids daddy probably used you, impregnated you and once he felt you no longer can support him left you for any woman who would take him. RIGHT? Now here comes a non-white man who is sucessful, has feeling, is loving, educated, sucessful and wants to meet a black woman to love and have a wonderful relation and the very ist thing most of you women think off is lets milk the man.

I find it insulting, demaeaning and dis-tasteful.

Oh ladies who are about to say that this is just one isolated situation please contact me and i would be more than happy to give you atleast 10 more emails during the last one week where i was contacted and they are looking for sugar daddies.

As I said before, just a lot of idiocy going round.


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