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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dropping in from my sabbatical

My self-imposed absence has been more a fallout from real life, which I'm taking care of so that I can be back in full throttle. Thank you for still checking on me, I appreciate it.

Given all of the news I wanted to comment on these last weeks, it's been hard not to do a column or two, especially in lieu of the passing of one of my favorite Golden Girls, Bea Arthur, an inimitable force I thought could never be silenced. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Since the vid below is making the blog rounds, I thought I would post it here as it is one of the funniest scenes from GG.

Still, what brings me to the keyboard is the hilarity of the pic below that I found over at Daily Kos in a column on Arlen Specter's defection from the GOP to the Democratic Party, giving Obama a filibuster-proof majority (depending on whether Minnesota's Al Franken is officially sworn in). I did a double take and broke out laughing, which is rare these days. So, I thought I'd share.

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