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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This has to be a joke...


Wall Street girlfriends, wives and mistresses create a support group to complain about how the economic downturn is cramping their rich lifestyles. The women have even created their own blog, on which they describe their "heartfelt situations" (although there is some question whether said blog is a hoax). Anyway, entries include such plights as the mistress who laments about not having been taken on a trip lately because, as her married sugar daddy explains, with money so tight, his wife has taken to checking up on his accounts. Oh give me a break! Yes the economy is forcing all of us to refocus our priorities, but I'm finding it more than a little hard to empathize here. Actually, I hope the wife finds out about this lughead and freezes up all of his accounts. Then little side missy here can fund her own trips...if she can afford it, that is.


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