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Friday, August 07, 2009

Revisiting a past avatar - Valeria Sergius

I'm a citizen of neglected standing over at Ancient Worlds where I had assumed a character called Valeria Sergius, a black woman of Napata (capital city of ancient Cush) captured and brought to Rome by Antonius Sergius, a Roman general who invaded her country. Although initially Valeria was made Antonius' concubine, she quickly gained his heart and he freed her, after which they became common law husband and wife. After his death, she became an esteemed merchant of herbs and a renown apothecary. With this backdrop in mind, I began to write in my journal a sort of soap opera storyline where Valeria began to be wooed by the young heir of a patrician family. I never finished the story, as that was around the time when I had to have minor surgery (actually fibroid embolization to relieve me of pain) and I basically abandoned my role at Ancient World, which included editing the newsletter there.

Recently I went back to my domus (house) there and began reading the few entries I wrote and found that the wasn't half bad or cringe-worthy. I began writing these entries before I started AGAIN. I actually did some research on Roman holidays and daily life to provide a more accurate backdrop. Hmmm, maybe I'll take up where I left off, but how to explain away the passage of six years in the life of my character? Anyway, the journal's link is below, with the last passage at the top and the beginning entry at the bottom, so it should be read from botttom to top. Also below is another link to Valeria's backstory in Napata, when she was named Anum.

Valeria's Journal

Valeria's Song - Chapter I


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