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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saying Goodbye - a Lenora/Aidan fanfic from Being Human

As you know from previous posts, I am an avid fan of BBC's Being Human and am still a shipper of Annie and Mitchell despite the last episode of Season 3. I yet have hope of a reunion behind the door (viewers will know what I'm referring to). Anyway, in addition to being an A/M shipper, I also am a RL shipper of the actors Lenora/Aidan. Yes, I hope those crazy two are actually a twosome. Anyway, I have never written fanfic based on RL relationships but I thought it'd be fun to ship the actors together in a story.

The tale takes place one evening after the shooting of a Season 3 ep. Both Aidan and Lenora reveal their true feelings (as well as some other things) after work in her trailer.

Warning: erotic content

Saying Goodbye

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