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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Wild Turkey (or rather angry bird)

So according to Gawker, the female reporter featured in this vid had previously heard about recent turkey attacks on joggers somewhere in Sacramento, California. Said reporter decided to take it upon herself to stake out the area, ignoring her obvious meleagrisphobia (for the uninformed, that is an extreme fear of turkeys). Anyway, havoc ensued, prompting said reporter to scream and run for her life. Thankfully, a knight riding a white steed (or in this case a white postal vehicle) came to her rescue.

My theory (based on nothing more empirical than my gut feeling) is that the turkey here is very intuitive and knows this is the beginning of that time of year where the humans come a-calling and members of its family and/or friends begin to "disappear." So when idiot reporter lady came around - toting a camera no less (something which the turkey may have deemed a weapon) - it did what any self-preserving turkey would do; it launched a preventive or rather an offensive strike to save its own neck (as well as its legs, wings, gizzards, white meat, dark meat, etc.)

So in anticipation of Thanksgiving fun, enjoy the role reversal where predator becomes prey. Or where a wild turkey shows a human what's what.


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