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Monday, June 25, 2012

New Novella - Legend of Seaclyffe Manor

I have a new novella on Kindle Direct. This is more paranormal/horror than romance, although there is a romance. Below is the synopsis:

For over 50 years, the halls of Seaclyffe Manor has remained empty ever since the last owners, the Durrells mysteriously disappeared beneath its roof one summer night. Thomas Durrell, his wife Margaret and their two teen children, Katie and Thomas Jr., were never heard from again. Through the years, rumors of eerie happenings have surrounded the house with claims that the house is haunted.

Eve Langdon hopes to one day become a successful filmmaker and she and her fellow indie filmmakers, Mark and Roy, have decided that the mystery of Seaclyffe Manor is a great subject for their new movie. Although all three doubt there really is a paranormal presence in the house, they believe they can create a movie with as big a following as the Amityville Horror.

The amateur "ghosthunters" decide to uncover the truth behind the rumors by spending a night in the house and filming anything out of the ordinary. At the least, they expect to debunk many of the rumors. What they don't expect is that rumors are sometimes true. As the night lapses, Eve finds herself traversing two lives, her own and that of Margaret Durrell. And with each hour, Eve and her friends begin to unravel the legend behind Seaclyffe Manor.

Purchase ebook for .99 at Amazon.

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