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Saturday, November 05, 2011

More stolen books

I'm letting my fans know right now that even though I'm trying to finish another book, I may just quit out of protest from the constant piracy of my books. For example, someone at Share Term Papers by the name of Dani Elias specifically requested free downloads of GOLD MOUNTAIN and RAINE'S BLUES. This request was met by another member by the name of Certola. (The site's name should give you an idea to their illegal activity since people should write their own damn term papers.) The link has been downloaded a few times and the particular page has been viewed over 60 times. Now, considering the book is over $5, I'm losing out on some change here. Money that could go to groceries or utilities. I don't write as a hobby. My last royalty check was for $37 for ALL OF MY BOOKS. I'm facing possible eviction unless I can come up with December's rent (my last gig has dried up). I don't fucking appreciate the theft. So fucking thank you Certola and Dani Elias for your efforts in stymying my writing efforts.

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