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Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Goodhands Tonight" by Al Jarreau

Years ago when I was penning my first novel Celia, I finally reached a point where I had to map out my first love scene between the protagonist Cheryl Thompson and her love interest Arthur (yes, Arthur) Blevins. As it was my first love scene ever, I was pretty tame with the details. But the one memorable thing for me about the scene was the music I chose as the backdrop. I wanted to be a little original and not just drop in a Luther or Anita tune. So I did some searching and found a song entitled "Goodhands Tonight" by Al Jarreau. The title itself lent to the idea of a sensual night, so I listened to a snatch of it and decided it fit well enough for the scene. At that point, I hadn't listened to it all the way; that happened a few years later and I just love this tune now. And everytime I hear it, I think about the fun of writing that scene, of writing my first book ever, flaws and all.

Take a listen to "Goodhands Tonight" by Al Jarreau. It really grooves.

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