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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If you can afford a Kindle, you can afford my downloads

Over the past day and a half, several authors have taken up arms on our Facebook pages, led by the awesome romance author Lena Matthews, against those readers who egregiously offer up our books for free, robbing us of thousands of dollars in royalties. You may think that you're being generous with fellow readers when you do this but in actuality you are robbing us writers of our hard-earned dollars.

As many of you know from this blog my first book AGAIN was published in 2006. That was the last year of my full employment. Since then I have been either un- or under-employed, struggling to make rent and pay bills after losing my home in 2009. With a sick mother and erratic writing projects, I have often been despondent about my finances. Initially I ignored the illegal downloads of my books at piracy sites such as Astatalk because I wrongly thought that they were just a minimal number. But more sites have arisen in the past year or two, and my books are all over the place.

In an earlier post I indicated that I had taken up the writing mantle again after a respite. I was eager to work on a project that held a lot of promise and that Loose Id has shown interest in publishing. Now, I am not so sure that I will finish because the book will immediately wind up on some piracy site the first day it comes out.

Some of you may wonder how bad the piracy has gotten. Well, in a royalty report I received last year I made a mere ten dollars. This amount represented my share of a month's sales of GOLD MOUNTAIN which I worked damn hard on. As I posted on Lena's wall at Facebook yesterday, aren't I worth more than ten dollars? I would like to think so. Again, those of you with Kindles reading illegal downloads of my books, you're doing better than I am. I can't even afford that damn luxury and you have the nerve to pass my books around like they didn't take any effort at all. Well, to those who pirate my books, here's a good FUCK TO YOU! My mother is in a nursing home because I can't afford a 2-bedroom apartment and home care for her. Again, we're talking about thousands of dollars you are robbing from me, money that might have helped my situation. Some goddamn fans!


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