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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

This should make for an interesting read...

One of the junior Kennedys has written a tell-tale-all about the "American royals." Actor Christopher Kennedy Lawford (son of Patricia Kennedy and actor Peter Lawford) pulls back the curtains, revealing a flawed, dysfunctional family who, unable to deal with the deaths of their luminous scions, falls into despair, many of them turning to drugs and alcohol. In Symptoms of Withdrawal, Christopher is candid about his own drug use, his mother's alcoholism and his father's descent into a half-existence. Avoidance and toxic secrets held the family in a conspiracy of silence, allowing no one to expunge the demons that kept them at bay.

Not until the deaths of his drug-addicted cousin, David (Bobby's son), and Christopher's own father, both of whom succumbed to their excesses, did the author turn his life around.

The book peeks at the halcyon days when Camelot reigned and little Christopher was witness to the glamour and ritz of being a "Kennedy." (I mean how many kids can claim that Marilyn Monroe taught them to dance?). The memoir reveals a generation of adults neglectful of their children, self-indulgent, vain and always observant of how they appeared to outsiders. This concern prompted some of the clan to try to discourage the author from publishing, wary of the fallout.

They needn't worry. This oft-told tale is probably no different than that of many other American families. The difference is that this family had more political clout than most and was for too long held to a legacy based on nothing but a family name.

Per Salon.

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