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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Whose PR idea was this one?

It seems Laura Bush will be on hand to mete out some goodwill to a family who lost their home to Katrina. Mrs. Bush will appear on an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to be filmed in Biloxi, Mississippi and aired in November. Mrs. Bush actively campaigned to be on the show, stating through her press secretary that she "shares the same values" of the show's producers.

As for what the first lady will be doing, the producers aren't quite sure. Tom Forman, the executive producer said he is hoping that she'll just pitch in and help unload.

"I think we say, 'Mrs. Bush, the stuff is over here, the people are over there, could you grab the other end of that mattress?'

Mrs. Bush's press secretary, Susan Whitson, pictures the first lady doing something more genteel, such as handing out clothing and thanking volunteers (after all, it's hard to look first ladylike hauling a mattress).

Speculation is that Mrs. Bush's appearance is more to help the White House than it is to help the evacuees. After all, the White House is still sporting a PR blackeye because of its slow response to the Katrina victims.

But I'm sure the grateful family will just be beside themselves with joy to have the first lady on hand to show how much she cares. Much like the former first lady, Mama Bush, showed her tender side at the Astrodome.

Maybe Laura can ask for some PR tips from her mother-in-law.

Per Seattle Times.

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