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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Fun and sassy paranormal by Monica Jackson...

In Monica Jackson's Mr. Right Now, Luby Jones can't quite explain the immediate and intense attraction she feels when she meets her new neighbor, Jake Kosevo on an elevator ride. After all, she has been holding out for a good Christian black man as her perfect mate and the handsome white man with piercing green eyes - who also happens to be carrying books on the occult - hardly seems her perfect match. Still, Luby finds herself thinking about her neighbor constantly and decides to do something about it: she'll fix him up with one of her best friends.

Things don't go as planned as Luby realizes that her desire is growing and that Jake has no interest in her friend - and is all too willing to accommodate Luby's desire. As they embark on an intensely erotic affair, Luby begins to suspect that there is something not quite ordinary about her new lover. First, he draws unwanted sexual attention from everyone he meets. And then there's the little issue of his wanting to taste her blood...and for her to drink his. But don't think this is a simple vampire love story - because it isn't.

Romance author Monica Jackson manages to create an imaginative tale of dark secrets, both normal and paranormal, that encompasses not just Jake and Luby, but Luby's mentally ill mother who "speaks to the dead," her grandmother who says she can"see the future" and even Luby's friends, Cat and Danni, both in bad relationships who share a painful secret from Danni's past.

Complicating matters are the ambiguous warnings Luby gets from her grandmother about Luby's impending twenty-seventh birthday; the age Luby's mother was when she went insane. Luby wonders if her grandmother's warnings mean that she is doomed to be like the mother who rejected her from birth, forcing Luby's grandmother to raise her.

This novel is sassy with wonderful and funny characterizations and witty dialogue. Interwoven in the story is a growing suspense as Luby is forced to learn the truth about Jake and herself...and about the ancient magic that ties them together.

Although not as long as I would have liked, and with two unexpected POVs in later chapters that slightly interrupt the story's flow, this is a highly recommended read (and remember, I don't read a lot of romances).

Note: The chick-lit cover does not match the paranormal elements of the story, so don't be put off by it.

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