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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Do you ever wonder who the idiot spammers are?

You know the ones who spam your comments every time you post? (and for those of you wondering why I don't simply activate word verification, I decided to make it easier for those legitimate posters who may be intimidated by going through so many steps to post). Well, today my tracking system indicated a domain that had become unscrambled, revealing an interesting name:

Typing in the link at Google redirected me to Yep, the damn holy grail of advertising (sacriligious) where they give you all kinds of interesting advice on how to spam people's blogs. Read for example their instructions to get the most pings for their ads:

So, what is the final solution in using the blog and ping method to it's fullest extent so that the big spiders keep spidering you without fail?

You of course have 2 options here...

The first being to create a blog to make a single post on, make the post, ping the blog, then abandon the blog. -Simply Not Feasible.

The second being to simply post your ad on someone else's blog, ping their blog, and then not post on their blog again.

The Perfect Solution of Course is to Post To Other Blogs, and to Ping Those Other Blogs, and to NOT Post On Those Other Blogs Again. (bold added by me)

So, the perfect solution is to ping other people's blogs with your crap? I got pinged three times with my last post (all dutifully deleted), so I don't know specifically whose domain this belonged to. I do know it originated out of Mystic, Connecticut (the same Mystic of Mystic Pizza?).

And there are fools who provide testimonials on how effective this program has been. One of them even wrote: "Please do not sell this thing to anyone under $500. I personally would pay a $1000 for this system." Oh well. There are stupid folks everywhere and where there's a lack, the dummies and ignoramuses (or is that ignorami?) are sure to fill in.

I don't know if this is a legitimate email, but for those of you who want to express your displeasure at the gall of this website, you can email the support staff at

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