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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Who in the hell decided on a soundtrack for this movie?

I don't care how many critical accolades Hustle & Flow has received and I'm not about to enter into the controversy about another Oscar buzz surrounding the characterization of a less than law-abiding black male. But lo, what is this I hear from a passing car? None other than the lyrics that I distinctly remember playing in a scene in a televised review of H & F. And they go a little somethin' like this:

You think I won't beat that trick, whoop that trick...

That's as much was allowed to be played on television. But that whoop line is unforgettable. OK, forgive my naivete, but I really expected the songs from this movie not to be served up on a track because they are cartoonish versions of the venomous hardcore rap that's out there. But nah, someone decided there would be enough fools to appreciate lyrics like these - I came to bust a nigga head leave him bloody red, fighting for his life as they rush him to the Med - even though mouthed by a fictional character.

This post is in no way a diminishment of Mr. Howard's talent. Only a WTF were they thinking when they made this soundtrack. Now available at Amazon for those of you with less than discerning taste.

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