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Monday, September 19, 2005

Who hasn't heard of Tess Gerritsen?

Well, according to Tess' blog, there are still quite a few readers who don't know who she is. And what a shame, because she is an incredible writer of medical thrillers, as is evident by her best-sellers. Tess relates an incident as told to her by a reader shopping in a bookstore:

"As I was checking out, the girl asked me about the Robin Cook book I had in my hands and commented that she really liked his books as they usually dealt with medicine. I then told her about yours, at which she gave me a puzzled look and said 'Tess Gerritsen? I've never heard of her.' A couple of other people standing there said the same thing and at that I went back to the paperback table bought up your remaining paperbacks and GAVE them to everyone standing there. Geez!!!! what is it with people down here?"

Tess goes on to point out how important word of mouth is in spreading the word and getting name recognition.

So, I guess I'll be saving up my funds to pay for "mouths" to bellow my name whereever they go. And to show folks where my book(s) is (are). What one has to do to get some recognition.

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