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Monday, September 19, 2005

Publishing News

From Publishers Lunch at Publishers Marketplace:

King Tops First Round of Auction
The online auction for the right to name a character in Stephen King's forthcoming book CELL yielded a winning bid of $25,100, with proceeds going to the First Amendment Project. The next highest winning bids in the first round of the auction included:
Lemony Snicket ($6,350)
Michael Chabon ($6,000)
Amy Tan ($3,338.88)
Peter Straub ($2,125)
Jonathan Lethem ($2,025)
Karen Jay Fowler ($1,853.88)

And here are the leading bids so far in the second round of the auction:
John Grisham ($7,940)
Nora Roberts ($5,100)
Neil Gaiman ($2,750)
Brad Meltzer ($810)
Dave Eggers ($761)

NY Mag Guesses at Salaries
In a different compilation of numbers, NY Magazine publishes their annual salary guide, though many entries "inevitably, are guesses." Here are their publishing numbers:

Judith Regan
$1 million
President and publisher, Regan Books

Sonny Mehta
Chairman and editor-in-chief, Alfred A. Knopf Publishing Group

Ann Godoff
President and publisher, the Penguin Press

Sam Tanenhaus
Editor, The New York Times Book Review

Stephen Riggio
CEO and vice-chairman, Barnes & Noble

Lisa Jong
Clerk, Barnes & Noble
(32 hours a week at $7.75 per hour)

Wow, some big money transactions going on. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to get me one of them publishing jobs? Except, of course, the B&N clerk position (hope Lisa's getting a good education so that she can one day make Regan's salary).

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