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Thursday, September 22, 2005

ASStounding news

From Boing Boing:

Where do you hide a cellphone you just lifted off someone? Well, if you're Petronela Branus of Romania and the police are closing in, you make do with whatever compartment you have available. In this case, the compartment happened to be up the young woman's derriere. (Can someone say "ouch?" Really, I'd just rather buy my own phone, thank you.)

When the police first searched Ms. Branus, they came up empty-handed. But like many cellphone owners who've misplaced these elusive objects, the police simply rang the number. Imagine their surprise when Ms. Branus' behind began trilling. They retrieved the phone...and gave it back to the owner - after spraying it with disinfectant, of course. (Again, I'd just rather gotten another phone; they're not that expensive folks - unlike a certain $13,000 purse below).

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