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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Oprah has made up with Hermes

Oprah, still recovering from the snub she received from Hermes this summer, invited the company's CEO, Robert Chavez, onto her show to discuss the incident.

"I would like to say we're really sorry," Mr. Chavez said during the set. "You did meet up with one very, very rigid staff person."

"Rigid or rude?" Winfrey challenged.

"Rigid and rude, I'm sure," Chavez replied.

Recounting her humiliating episode, Oprah elaborated: "''I just want to say shame on anybody for thinking that I was upset for not being able to get into a clothes store and buy a purse...I was upset because one person at the store was so rude. Not the whole company."

After Chavez indicated their company has implemented a "sensitivity training" for their employees, Oprah complimented Hermes in its handling of the incident, which could have been very incendiary considering Ms. Winfrey believed that race played a factor in her snub. So now, hard feelings have been eased and Winfrey has called off the boycott she instituted against the high-end stores. She says it's OK to shop there now.

Hhmm, let's see:

1 Hermes Etrusque Crocodile Kelly Bag

After careful consideration, I have decided to maintain the boycott for a little while longer. At least, until I can actually afford to shop there.

Per CBS News.

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